One general Lock Out & Tag Out procedure 

We are very familiar with the administrative preparations prior to scheduled maintenance and annual turanarounds, where the operational teams benefit from a clear safety system and 1 universal Lock Out & Tag Out procedure.

We connect this procedure with our printing applications so manually write tags belongs to the past.

You decide which information from the LOTO procedure will be printed on the tags.

Custom print applications

Locktech has completed various printing applications for its customers, with operational activities onshore as well as offshore. Custom designed for our customer’s needs.

Versatile configuration options:
  • Integration with your existing LOTO procedure is possible
  • Print jobs from different production locations/control rooms
  • Print on different type of colored tags within the same LOTO procedure

The many possibilities with our danger tags

veiligstellen van proces equipment
SAP markeringslabels

LOTO tags 

Lock out and tagout of process equipment

Blind tags

for identification of blinds, flanges and spades

SAP markeringslabels
labels voor waarschuwingen

Identification of equipment

for defects or notifications created in S.A.P.

Tags for information

like warnings

Stop writing

Switch over to our label printing systems with a user friendly print application


We’ll create a standard LOTO template so each staff member follows the same work method


Applicable voor mechanical, electrical and instrumentation lockouts. Even labeling equipment for maintenance/repairs with information from SAP is possible


The custom print application is operating on your company network. No information has to be shared therefore a connection outside your company’s secured network is unnecessaryur


LOTO procedures with pulldown-menu’s for valve positions, blind flanges, electrical switches and auto-fill are just small examples of the many possibilities


With our extensive experience in the industry we are very familiar with common issues within a safety management system like Lock Out & Tag Out. We can certainly give proper advise