Best of both worlds

If you would like to explore the options regarding LOTO procedures then Locktech can certainly help. But what if your current LOTO procedures are just perfect but the only thing missing is a printer setup for printing tags?

For ExxonMobil Fife Locktech has done minor modifications to the Energy Isolation Control document. Now they are able to print directly from their document on the new tags. Custom tags designed by Locktech. Minimum efforts, maximum result!

Kroonborg Walk-to-Work Vessel

To support the daily LOTO activities, the Kroonborg crew will use the Locktech label printing system, which has been used for a number of years within the operational offshore activities of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij.

The Kroonborg Walk-to-Work Vessel is an innovative vessel for efficient handling of maintenance and servicing of production platforms in the North Sea, ensuring safe, efficient, productive and cost-effective operations at offshore locations.

Neste starts with a blind flange label printing system

After a successful implementation of the label printing system for Operations, Neste has started using a blind flange label printing system developed by Locktech for the placement and removal of blind flanges and spades.

The isolation of equipment by blind flanges or spades is an essential part of LOTO. Equipment needs to be opened and in some cases even to be entered by staff. The existing blind flange lists are linked to the same Nicelabel© application that will now control 2 thermal transfer printers.

Neste optimizes LOTO activities 

Neste has started printing their danger labels as an important part of their daily LOTO activities. The existing method for creating LOTO procedures has remained fully intact and has even been simplified in some respects.

Neste is a pioneer in the oil industry in the refining and marketing of cleaner fuels for traffic. The biodiesel refinery on the Maasvlakte has been operational since the end of 2011.

Locktech starts implementation at LyondellBasell Covestro

The Maasvlakte location of the chemical company LyondellBasell will soon use our label printing system to simplify and streamline their LOTO procedures.

Locktech has been active since 2013 as a supplier of label printing systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry and specializes in optimizing safety management systems such as Lock Out & Tag Out.

Delivery of 2nd label printing system for Gate Terminal

After a successful implementation of our label printing system for the Operations department, after a period of intensive cooperation, a second system has been delivered which will be used by the Electricity and Instrumentation department.

It was a challenge to convert the existing working method, whereby LOTO is carried out and managed by means of a so-called handwritten Electrical Isolation certificate, to an automated process.

Partly in view of our experience with many different LOTO methods, our concept was well received, which ultimately resulted in a considerable reduction in time necessary for administration and preparation.

Implementation label printing system Gate Terminal

Our efforts to make Locktech a reliable partner in automating LOTO activities have made it possible, after several projects focussed on the natural gas extraction activities in Groningen, to expand our activities to the industry on the Maasvlakte.

Gate Terminal, a joint venture between Gasunie and Vopak on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, is the gateway for LNG (liquid natural gas) from all over the world and thus contributes to the diversification of the European natural gas supply. Gate terminal receives the LNG, stores it, makes it gaseous again and enters the Northwest European gas transport network. Gate has developed into a hub (“hub”) from which LNG can be exported to other parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

Label printing system for 2nd Offshore location NAM

One year after the commissioning of our label printing system on the NAM’s 1st Offshore platform in the North Sea, a similar label printing system was implemented at the end of 2015 at a 2nd Offshore location of the NAM. This shows that Locktech delivers reliable safety management systems, both onshore and offshore. An important tool for the technicians and operators who must make daily preparations to ensure that planned work on installations can take place safely.

It is with great pleasure to once again be able to deliver and expand the label printing systems for our valued customers

NAM Offshore starts 1st pilot

Since the end of 2014, the 1st offshore platform of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij has started with a pilot of our label printing system based on very good experiences from the Asset Groningen.

Gasunie starts with 1st pilot Locktech label printing system

Since June 2014 our label printing system has been operational at the Zuidwending location of Nederlandse Gasunie N.V. There was a need for an automated system for creating so-called Block Lists and danger labels. After a couple of meetings about what the design of the system should look like, we have started developing a system which fits in seamlessly with their current work method for LOTO activities.